Since its inception, RiseBoro has collaborated with community leaders, government agencies, and private investors in an effort to serve as a comprehensive housing, health, and services agency for poor communities that have suffered from years of disinvestment in its housing stock and human capital. With a housing department staff of over 150 employees and an agency staff of nearly 2,000, RiseBoro has grown from a small community-based organization to one of the largest nonprofits in Brooklyn.

Senior Housing Development

RiseBoro has extensive experience developing and rehabbing senior residences. This experience includes a 160-unit, in-place renovation of two senior buildings. The project scope included new bathrooms, kitchens, closets, windows, baseboard heaters and floors in individual apartments, and HVAC replacement, roof replacement, common area floor replacement, public bathroom upgrades, and entry and security desk upgrades. Thanks to RiseBoro’s staff experience, this complicated project that involved checker-board relocation of 160 households was completed 2 months early.

This was accomplished by creating a thorough relocation plan and budget. The multi-stepped plan was designed to both prepare the tenants for their impending move and to garner tenant “buy-in” for the invasive project. The steps included a “spring-clean” event intended to declutter apartments in preparation for moving, small group and one-on-one bilingual tenant meetings, and multiple building events to keep the tenants informed, excited and committed to the renovation. The budget allowed for plentiful moving supplies, tenant incentives, and temporary relocation if necessary. RiseBoro is committed to upgrading the NYC housing stock for the 21st century while bolstering, not disrupting, the lives of its residents.

Haven Green

37 Hillside Senior Apartments

The Atrium at Sumner

Woodlawn Senior Living

Multi-family Housing Development

The Housing Development team at RiseBoro Community Partnership is committed to providing communities with high-quality affordable multi-family housing.  RiseBoro developments emphasize energy efficiency, accessibility, and active design.

Bushwick Alliance

Casa Pasiva

Harry T Nance

Gotham Point

Our Lady of Lourdes

Multi-family Restorations

Supportive Housing Development

Combining stable housing with supportive services for senior citizens and formerly homeless individuals has been a hallmark of RiseBoro’s work since the beginning. Our senior buildings and supportive housing complexes are vibrant communities that also link tenants to the upstream social and medical services they need to live healthy, independent lives.


RiseBoro has renovated over 80 Neighborhood Redevelopment Program, TIL II, and Third Party Transfer (TPT) properties. Nearly all these properties were in distress and required gut renovations. RiseBoro Management Corp. managed the relationship with the existing tenants for each of these buildings throughout the entire project, from stabilization to interim relocation to final relocation.

A management team consisting of property managers, building superintendents, and building porters immediately assessed building conditions as soon as RiseBoro took ownership of the building to identify and rectify emergency conditions in the buildings and stabilize the buildings through short term maintenance work. After stabilization, a team of property managers and community organizers held meetings to address tenant inquiries and concerns and worked to relocate the tenants to apartments that would fit each tenant’s specifics needs. Finally, the property managers and community organizers helped relocated the tenants back into the newly renovated buildings.

Part of RiseBoro’s success in intervening with distressed, occupied properties stems from our strong community organizing department. Our community organizers play a great role in getting rooted within the communities we are involved with and forming significant connections with key stakeholders including councilmembers and tenants. Additionally, they have extensive experience in helping tenants navigate various housing programs and systems. The organizers’ neighborhood connections combined with their years of housing experience make them an essential part of our management team. Approximately 80% of all distressed units were occupied at the time the buildings were taken over by RiseBoro.

Lives Changed.

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Assisting a person who herself assisted so many

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A home health aide changed everything