Our Vision

Our vision at RiseBoro Community Partnership is to build a city where your zip code does not determine your health outcomes, housing stability, or economic power.

What our Vision Means to Us

RiseBoro is redefining New York City for New Yorkers. We do this working hand in hand with our partners, fellow nonprofits, government officials, and the people living in our communities. We want to create a New York City that takes those who just survive and empowers them to thrive. Our homeless will be housed. Seniors will age with dignity and joy. Students of all ages will achieve their full potential. Healthy living will replace healthcare as the path to disease prevention. Diversity will be celebrated and equity demanded. Opportunity and wealth will be fairly distributed. New Yorkers will believe that a better future is inevitable.

Rooted in the Community

Since 1973, we’ve offered services designed to support every generation and meet the needs of communities. Our unique model of holistic community revitalization works by developing neighborhood assets, like affordable housing, to create the foundation for a more vibrant and diverse community. We build upon this foundation with programs designed to connect people to resources to help everyone in the community thrive, especially our most vulnerable populations.

Here is a look back at our 50 years – In the community for good.

Our inclusive approach helps us achieve our mission to unleash the potential of communities to thrive, no matter the odds.

RiseBoro Board of Directors and Executive Staff-December 2021