The RiseBoro Respite Program provides respite for the caregiver through overnight stays or day/extended day services in conjunction with our Social Adult Day Program. The RiseBoro Respite Center provides family caregivers temporary relief from the responsibilities and stresses of caring for a frail elderly relative. The program allows caregivers to meet their own needs while being assured that their loved ones are cared for in a safe and supervised environment.

Respite Services:

Daytime and 24-hour Support

The RiseBoro Respite Program is a totally unique service as we are the only non-medical model of caregiver Residential Respite in New York City. Clients receive ongoing assistance with personal care, meals, recreation, and companionship in a unique community apartment or during the day in our Social Adult Day Program. These residential overnight services can be available for up to three weeks at a time. A client can stay for a maximum of 100 nights per year in the respite program, depending upon availability.

The Respite program is designed to assist families of frail elderly and individuals with cognitive impairments in maintaining their loved ones at home by providing caregivers with temporary relief from their 24-hour responsibilities.

We also provide caregiver case assistance and information and referrals to help caregivers find additional support and services. The Respite Center offers many caregivers, who live on fixed incomes, the essential opportunity to take a break from the stress involved in constant, continual care giving. This can vary from daytime coverage while they are working to overnight respite allowing them to go on vacation.

All staff involved in direct client care are certified home health aides and are trained in caring for frail elderly clients and working with clients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Services are available on a suggested contribution and often we coordinate referrals with the Alzheimer’s Association and NYC Caregiver Programs that assist families in paying this contribution.

Overnight Respite and Social Adult Day Services include the following services:

  • Socialization- physical exercise and cognitive activities
  • Nutrition- hot meals and snacks at appropriate intervals tailored to special diets and food preferences
  • Personal Care- assistance with activities of daily living including mobility and transfer, grooming assistance, bathing, feeding and toileting
  • Supervision and monitoring, especially for clients with dementia
  • Transportation
  • Cueing for medications
  • Information and referral and coordination
  • Referral for caregiver counseling

The Respite Program also works closely with other social service agencies including the Alzheimer’s Association, as a referral source for families and elderly clients. In addition, at times the Respite Center also functions as a “shelter” for elderly clients who are victims of elder abuse at the hands of overwhelmed caregivers.

The Respite services are offered in a residential apartment building adapted to meet the needs and safety needs of the clients it serves.


Social Adult Day Services

Social Adult Day Services are provided at our Palmetto Gardens Senior Club, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am up to 4:30 pm. We can also make additional/extended hours of Social Adult Services available if needed to meet caregiver needs.

Clients attend the day program where they participate in small group activities that are tailored to their specific cognitive and physical abilities. They also receive nutritious, home cooked meals. Additionally, staff members assist clients with personal care tasks including bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting as needed. Transportation to the program is provided if a client lives in reasonable distance to the program. If a caregiver needs to extend the hours of care past the program’s traditional hours, this can be arranged.

A participant in the Social Adult Daycare Program must be age 60 and over or be referred from a managed long-term care company who does not require skilled nursing care. Services are available to these participants residing throughout the metropolitan area. Door-to-door van service is available for eligible clients residing in Community Boards 1, 3 and 4 in Brooklyn and CD’s 5 and 6 in Queens.

This program includes a morning and afternoon snack along with a hot, nutritious lunch tailored to special diets and food preferences. The program also offers organized art, recreational and exercise activities and individual assistance designed to maintain and optimize the client’s level of functioning with both physical and cognitive impairments. Staff provide monitoring and assistance with personal care as needed.

Information and referral services are provided on an ongoing, as needed basis to connect seniors and caregivers with existing services that may be of assistance.

There is a requested contribution for both Respite and Social Adult Services, which offset the cost of the program.

Medicaid Managed Long Term Care clients may be referred to the program for Social Adult Day Services if under contract with RiseBoro Community Partnership.