RiseBoro Education offers youth and adults in north Brooklyn more than a place to go: it's a place where they can discover their true potential. For more than three decades, our education and youth development programs have taken a holistic approach that provides youth and adults with the space, skills and support they need to succeed, no matter what their obstacles are. We believe that the individuals we work with every day are the key to building thriving communities for this generation and the next.


SONYC (School’s Out NYC) at Youth Center

RiseBoro’s SONYC program at the RiseBoro Youth Center engages middle school aged youth participate in a variety of positive alternatives activities which will enhance the quality of their after school and summer camp experiences. Our goal is to create a perfect harmony between making our program fun, educational and most importantly unforgettable. As youth get older there are certain gaps created when it comes to learning and excitement. Our aim is to have youth experience fun but also be able to think critically and reflect on what they have learned.

We offer them educational enrichments with workshops that focus on STEM, Literacy, Community Leadership, Gym and Healthy Living. Our participants will complete Community Service Projects that include interacting with seniors through intergenerational activities. They will be able to explore different cultures by going on educational/cultural trips that help fuel the participants’ minds and keep their brains actively processing new information that they might not otherwise encounter in school.

SONYC (School’s Out NYC) at All City Leadership Secondary School serves as a pathway to success for youth in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. SONYC programs provide middle school youth with the support of caring adults and offer engaging, fun activities during the afterschool hours. We provide students with activities and clubs such as Homework Assistance, Tutoring, Sports, STEM, Creative Writing, Arts& Crafts, field trips and many more.

Our SONYC program is designed to support these goals:
1. Foster academic, social, and emotional competencies and physical well-being in a safe and nurturing environment.
2. Provide opportunities for youth to explore their interests and creativity.
3. Build skills that support academic achievement and raise participant expectations and confidence.
4. Cultivate youth leadership and community engagement.
5. Engage parents and other caretakers to support the above goals.


The COMPASS Program provides homework help and enrichment activities for local elementary school students. Throughout the week, children participate in activities that develop their minds (Homework Help, Literacy Club, and STEM Club), their bodies (Physical Fitness, Get Moving, and Health & Nutrition workshops), their creativity (Visual Arts, Arts & Crafts, and Dance), and social skills (Character Education and Life Skills Training). Our goal is to help the young people we serve become happy, healthy, and successful adolescents and adults. Compass is funded by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (NYC DYCD) and is available to students in grades K-5.


The COMPASS Program also operates a theme-based day camp during the summer months for the elementary school students in our community. Campers receive the same services provided in our after-school program, but in the form of project-based learning focused on a high interest and engaging theme.

Learn & Earn

The Learn & Earn Program is an after-school program designed for youth ages 14-21, who are currently enrolled in the 11th and 12th grade. The overall goal is to encourage and support youth through the graduation process and assist them with developing the framework for a successful post graduation life. Each day, Learn & Earn Program participants receive services such as tutoring, individual/group counseling, work readiness workshops, and life skills workshops. Additionally, our program provides leadership development, financial literacy training, entrepreneurial skills workshops, college preparation, career exploration, test preparation, and guaranteed summer employment through our Paid Summer Internship program. By providing these services, the Learn and Earn Program helps participants make a connection between education and a successful career, encourages them to pursue post-secondary education or training, fosters a positive relationship with adults and peers, and provides youth with engaging internships and paid work experiences.

Program Highlights:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Interview Skills and College Application Assistance
  • Monetary Incentives
  • Service Learning Projects and Leadership Development
  • Follow-Up Services (Support provided to participants through their first year of post-graduate life)


Program Eligibility Requirements:

  • Youth must be 14 through 21 years old
  • Enrolled in 11th or 12th grade at an NYC high school
  • Meet one or more of the following criteria: presently in foster care, experiencing homelessness, household is deemed low-income, or receiving SNAP