In our quest to create a more equitable and just organization that values the expertise and lived experiences of those who live in our community, RiseBoro is creating its first Community Advisory Committee. This committee will represent the community members' diverse lived experiences and will include youth, older adults, community leaders, tenants and those who have technical expertise and/or lived experience within our service areas. Almost all RiseBoro clients and participants are people of color—with a large representation of Black and Latinx (many of whom are from African and/or Indigenous descent). As such, we anticipate that the majority of members will be Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

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Click here to apply to become a member of the RiseBoro Community Advisory Committee. We look forward to following up with you regarding your application.

Deadline for applications is 1/27/22

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the goal of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC)?  

A1: The goal of the committee is to engage the community and leverage the expertise of its members to improve the service provision at RiseBoro.   

Q2: How is the CAC different from the Board of Directors (board)? 

A2: Unlike the board, this body does not have legal responsibilities or decision-making authority in the organization.  They serve as advisors by providing feedback and making recommendations that help the board and senior leaders in the decision-making process.  A member of the board should participate and serve in the CAC. 

Q3: What are the responsibilities of the CAC’s members? 

A3: Using their technical expertise and/or lived experience, members of the community advisory committee will: 

  • Elevate the voices of the people we serve so they are at the center of program design and implementation 
  • Contribute to the build-out and implementation of the CAC during their tenure 
  • Support program design and evaluation  
  • Serve as an ambassador for RiseBoro during events and throughout the community  
  • Identify community needs and make recommendations on ways to address them 
  • Attend all CAC regular meetings, being fully present and engaged in discussion 
  • Attend at least one RiseBoro event during their Term 

Q4: Will training or level setting activities be provided to members? 

A4: Yes.  We know that each member will be an expert in its own experience.  RiseBoro staff will also provide training in the areas of program design and evaluation to ensure the context of racial equity. Members must be ready to demonstrate curiosity and openness. 

Q5:How will the committee and meetings be structured? 

A5: Applying a racial equity framework, the CAC will use a horizontal or flat structure in which power is shared and decisions are made using a democratized method.  The RiseBoro CPO (or other RB staff) will only serve as the convener and will plan activities, design experiences and facilitate conversations.  The meetings to be organized using a working session or project design structure.  In this way, all members can contribute to the conversation.  Some, but minimum, work such as backup reading is expected to be completed outside the meetings.  A member of the board’s program committee and the RB Racial Equity Manager will also participate. 

Q6: How many members are expected to be in the committee? 

A6: Seven to nine members. 

Q7: Who should apply and what are the qualifications? 

A7: If you are committed to the mission of RiseBoro, are excited to think with us about program design and want share your ideas on how to improve services, you should apply! We are encouraging people who have received services from RiseBoro or live in an RB building and those who possess technical and/or lived experience that is related to RiseBoro service areas.  In addition, members will be required to have:  

  • an experimental mindset to program design 
  • an understanding of racial equity and anti-racism framework including sharing power  
  • an attitude of collaboration and teamwork 
  • a computer or tablet with WIFI, since meetings will most likely be held virtually 

Q8: How many months will the engagement last and can members be re-selected? 

A8: Since it is our first time operating a community advisory board, inaugural members will only serve for 6 months and will be able to reapply. Using the feedback from the inaugural group, we will make adjustments to iterate a more powerful experience for future members more.    We then will recruit and select members for the next cycle which could include new and old ones.  

Q9: How many meetings are members expected to attend? 

A9: Members will attend an orientation/meet and greet after selection.  We anticipate having a monthly meeting for the first 6 months. 

Q10: As a member, will I be compensated for my participation? 

As a member of the CAC, you will be a RiseBoro volunteer.  In addition, you will receive a monthly honorarium of $100.  Members must be eligible to work in the United States to receive the monthly honorarium and provide documentation as required.  

Q11: What is the selection process of members? 

A11: The selection process is below:

  • Candidates submit an application  
  • The selection committee which includes RB staff and one board member conducts an interview of selected applicants 
  • Offers are made to 7 to 9 candidates 

Q12: What are some anticipated benefits for my participation? 

A12: Benefits of participating in the Community Advisory Committee include:

  • Serve your community and influence the decisions made by RiseBoro programs 
  • Learn about program design and evaluation 
  • Network with others who are passionate about the RiseBoro mission 

Q13: How do I apply?
A13: Click here to complete an application