Communities thrive when residents have access to healthy food, recreational activities, and the tools needed to navigate the healthcare system. RiseBoro Community Partnership is providing North Brooklyn residents the tools and education they need to address social determinants of health through Wellness Rising, a suite of diverse, community-based health and wellness programs. Our programs specifically provide support around food access, asthma, and referrals to social services to reduce other barriers to our clients’ best health.


Wellness Rising offers both individual and group services.

Individual Services

Each member receives personalized services provided by our team of community health workers and a resident nurse, including the following:

  • One-on-One Health Assessments & Health Action Plan
  • Asthma Home Assessments via Zoom or Onsite
  • Referrals to Health Care Providers and Relevant Social Services, such as SNAP Enrollment
  • Free Preventative Screenings
  • Assistance Enrolling in Relevant Social Services, such as SNAP Enrollment
  • Guidance on Self-Management of Chronic Illness and Medication Adherence

 Group Services

  • Engaging Cooking, Nutrition, and Health Classes
  • Guest Speakers
  • Group Yoga and Strength Training Classes

Food Pantry

RiseBoro’s’ food Pantry provides food for the community free of charge. Community members can stop by the Wellness Rising office located at 518 Bushwick Avenue during pantry hours and receive a bag of fresh produce that is meant to feed a family of four for a week. No ID is required. For pantry hours or questions please call (917) 810-3156.  Se habla Español


Photo Gallery

Food Pantry employee packing food for redistribution. Food Pantry employees packing food for redistribution. Packed food for redistribution. Scott Short, RiseBoro CEO, packing food for redistribution.

Asthma Services

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects millions of individuals throughout the world.

According to the CDC asthma affects over 24million, and whom over 5 million are children

Asthma affects everyone differently, so if you are an asthma sufferer chances are that what affects you may not necessarily affect another, these are called triggers. Here at our asthma program, we educate, empower and help you stay in control of your asthma so that you can live a normal life. There are new methods being used to treat the symptoms of asthma and have shown to improve the life of so many people, let’s face it, it’s not fun if you can’t breathe. Our program offers the following;

  • Identifying your medications
  • Use of devices such as inhalers, nebulizers, peak flow and spacers (aero-chambers)
  • Identifying triggers and finding the one that affects you,
  • breathing techniques,
  • Virtual home visit,
  • Finding a pulmonologist in your area
  • Asthma Action Plan
  • Knowing your asthma control score (ACT)

You are not alone we are here to help you.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Class: Wellness Rising cooking classes are bilingual English/Spanish classes that occur once a week via zoom and in person. The class teaches basic kitchen fundamentals and how to create dishes using the food that you already have in your home. Most recipes are a healthy spin on dishes we all love and enjoy. The class is great for anyone with a chronic condition such as diabetes or hypertension. All the dishes you will learn to make are healthy, delicious and affordable. For more information call (917) 810-3156.

Community Health Workers

Wellness Rising offers weekly health talks in English and Spanish as well as a weekly cooking class. We also offer the CDC- approved Diabetes Prevention Program. Our Community Health workers provide health education for chronic disease management as well as practical assistance in accessing medical care and insurance coverage. Our concept of health is broad as we assist clients in many areas of need that impact health outcomes, (social determinants of health).” Feel free to contact us if you have questions concerning your health.

Food Navigators

  • Receiving of medically tailored meals
  • Needing assistance applying for SNAP benefits
  • A desire to attend a Diabetes self-management program.

Our Food Navigator will spend as much time as needed helping you identify food related needs that you or your family might have and connect you to as many services that you need.

For more information call (917) 810-3156.