Dear Friend,
As summer winds down and thoughts turn to fall, I am getting particularly excited about our annual gala. Although the pandemic has changed what gala events look like, we are transitioning from a fully virtual format in 2020 to a safe and celebratory outdoor in-person event on September 23rd. Regardless of the format, it’s the theme of our Gala this year that has me most excited. It’s all about promoting equity across all NYC neighborhoods. It’s not only the Gala theme, is reflects our newly established vision:

To build a city where your zip code does not determine your health outcomes, housing stability, or economic power.

The fact that residents in poorer zip codes have worse health, wealth, and life outcomes than those in wealthier zip codes—through no fault of their own—reflects a systemic societal failure. We want to shine a light on that and help fix it. Our Gala and the funds raised will attempt to do just that.

Addressing social inequities is reflected in other initiatives we talk about in this newsletter, including our support of ERAP, the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, and free vaccine coordinations at our senior centers.

Lastly, I am excited to announce that Kevin Muir has joined our RiseBoro team as our first Vice President of Health! He will be overseeing Homecare, Wellness Rising, Assisted Living, the launch of a RiseBoro’s first PACE program and more broadly supporting the integration of health across the agency.

In Partnership, 
— Scott Short, CEO 

Farmers Market and Citibike

Enjoy a good thyme! 
The Farmers Markets are officially open for the season! If you’re a NYCHA resident or SNAP recipient, come to the market and learn about Citibike’s Reduced Fare Bike Share program offering you $5 monthly memberships! 

Hope Ball Field 
Wednesdays, 10 AM – 4 PM
May 22 — November 24

Maria Hernandez Park 
Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM
May 22 – November 27 

Bethel Church
Thursdays 11 AM – 3 PM
June 24 – November 18

Learn more about our Farmers Markets!

COVID-19 Rent Relief

Rent Relief Now!
Rent relief is available to those who are struggling to those who have struggled to pay rent during COVID, regardless of your immigration status. The funding never has to be repaid. Learn more

Gala 2021

Mark Your Calendars!
Our annual Gala is September at Domino Park in Brooklyn. Help us promote
Equity Across NYC Neighborhoods!

Volunteer Opportunities

So Many Choices!

There are lots of ways you can give back to the community. Here are the current opportunities: 

PPE Packing: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) packing

Food Pantry: Sorting and distributing of food at RiseBoro’s Food Pantry

Cold Meal Packing: Cold Meal Packing For Seniors

ERAP Assistance: Emergency Rental Assistant Program (ERAP) application assistants

Administrative Assistance: Assistance at RiseBoro’s Homecare office with day-to-day office work (administrative duties)

Get additional information here! Or contact Jasmine Montalvo, Service & Volunteer Manager: [email protected]

My Voice Theater 25th Anniversary

Much a do about a lot! My Voice Theatre (MVT) is hard at work again, as 12 young people have signed on to create this summer’s show, “Generations”. As MVT heads toward its 25th Anniversary, the company is looking back at some of the monologues and scenes that have had us caught up in all sorts of feelings as the stories of our youth are told. The company returned to in-person performances in August.
Learn more about My Voice Theatre

COVID-19 Vaccine Event a Success!

Vaccines are worth a shot! 
NYC is coming back stronger with COVID-19 vaccines! RiseBoro offered free vaccines at a 3-day event in July. It was one of the city’s strongest turnouts for seniors getting vaccinated!
Learn more about our Senior Services

Around Town


We continue to stand up for pay equity in our communities with advocacy for minimum wage initiatives and supporting #justpay which promotes COLA pay increases for human services workers


We are excited to welcome Kevin Muir to the RiseBoro team as our Vice President of Health! Kevin will help to foster a shared vision of Health throughout the organization and community. Read more