Roshine Castillo

Roshine came to RiseBoro because she was discouraged after a failed search for employment. She had even moved to Florida to improve her situation. “I wanted to see if I could get a better life there, but I noticed that is was very hard to get a job.” Back in Brooklyn, Roshine found information about RiseBoro’s Career Pathways program online. She eagerly enrolled. Her first step was the Career Development workshop, where she learned how to write a powerful cover letter and resume and give an effective interview. She says of her fellow Career Pathways participants, “We were more close than anything. We learned not be scared to express how you feel in front of others. We learned how you should present yourself when you go to a job.”

Roshine was assigned a career counselor who went above and beyond to help her succeed. “She was very helpful. Any time I needed her, I was able to call her and get in contact with her. She helped me not only job-wise, but also to get care for my grandmother, who is not able to stay home by herself. She gave me resources and helped me get a home health aide.”

Next, Roshine went to security guard training. The same day she finished training, she interviewed for open positions alongside her fellow trainees. “[The hiring manager] knew that Career Pathways had already trained us. He knew we had manners and knew how to talk to people. All of us got hired. It was easy. Within a matter of two weeks, we were working.” Roshine has already recommended the program to several friends. Here’s how she sums up her experience: “Career Pathways made me more wise, more of a person that was dedicated to want to do something, and not just sit there and think ‘I can’t.’ The program made me not use the word ‘can’t’, it made me believe that I can do anything that I put my heart to.”

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