Gladys & Raul

My name is Raul. The Diana H. Jones Senior Center has rescued me from a state of depression. Let me tell you my story…

My wife Gladys was the first to discover and begin attending a senior center in our area. Gladys was recently retired after working for many years as a designer and also working in the travel industry and she was looking for a means to stay active. In the mean time I myself had not yet retired. I was still working as an auto mechanic, but was experiencing a decline in my health and therefore undergoing a period of depression. My doctor advised me to stop working but I could not imagine just sitting around being idle. One day a friend of my wife told her that there was a senior center nearby and that we should visit. It is then that we came to the Diana H. Jones Senior Center. “We loved the place– the staff were very welcoming. ” We were able to fully participate in all activities and more importantly in the planning of such activities. I had always taken pride in being a community activist and leader and when I arrived at the center I saw an opportunity to utilize my knowledge and to be of service. I wanted to support the center that offered so much to so many.

The center not only provided meals, breakfast and lunch, but also helped to connect us to organizations that can provide much needed services to address the issues that we face each day. We have gone to workshops about depression, relaxation and how to eat healthier. The services are helping us to make better informed decisions about our health, as well as other benefits and services offered to seniors. The center has personally rescued me from a state of depression. I no longer have to take medication to go to sleep. It has helped us stay physically and mentally active and more importantly to stay more socially connected.

We are extremely happy with all the activities and programs offered but specifically grateful for the health education programs. We find the information offered on topics such as healthy aging, coping and reducing stress, weight control and management, to be extremely helpful. It is not only useful to us, but we can also educate other seniors as well. We find many of our seniors just want to have someone to talk to. I welcome the opportunity to help someone else in need as I have been helped. I try to participate in as many activities as possible. When possible I volunteer in the computer room, in gardening projects and even assist in translating some of the informational material into Spanish for those individuals who cannot read the English materials. I would like to be involved in so many activities that sometimes I find it difficult to choose.

My wife and I feel the center has changed our lives for the better by giving us the support we needed. We have made so many friends here. It is has given us the opportunity to do the things we couldn’t do in our younger years. My wife and I recently celebrated our Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary. We have lived in this country for forty-nine years and we have been able to raise three beautiful children, two daughters and a son and now have seven grandchildren. We have done our part and now we can enjoy our retirement years.

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