Joscelyn Truitt

VP Empowerment

Joscelyn Truitt joined the RiseBoro family in 2019 with a passion to advance our efforts around affordable housing access and homelessness prevention. She currently oversees RiseBoro’s Empowerment division, which operates two Homebase programs spanning four locations and a housing legal services program, in addition to benefits assistance, financial coaching, rapid re-housing, workforce and youth mentoring programs. Joscelyn comes to us with years of experience in trauma and domestic violence, helping survivors access crucial services to increase their safety, security, and economic mobility. After four years as Director of Programs at the Brooklyn Family Justice Center and seeing first-hand how lack of access to safe, affordable housing in New York City can impact a survivor’s ability to seek safety, Joscelyn transitioned to RiseBoro’s Empowerment division to work on issues around housing access and eviction prevention.


Joscelyn has also worked on issues around sex trafficking and abroad with girls that have been victims of poverty and domestic/sexual abuse. With a background in social work, Joscelyn advocates that all programs, no matter the service, adopt a trauma-informed approach, even considering the emotional and mental health impact that poverty and lack of access to basic necessities, such as housing, can have on a household.