We are committed to advancing and practicing racial equity. We strive to reconcile the history of institutional racism within RiseBoro and the communities we serve, with our vision for an equitable and just society.

We seek an equitable and just society by:

At RiseBoro, we are dedicated to disrupting legacies of silence and white supremacist practices, policies, and procedures. This commitment extends to dedicating our financial and other resources to invest in the leadership, mentorship, professional development, economic justice, and representative power of all RiseBoro staff. Additionally, we prioritize educating ourselves about racial equity and fostering a shared language and commitment to open dialogue on racial equity and intersectionality in our community. Through collaboration with community members most impacted by our work, both inside and outside of RiseBoro, we ensure their voices are included in decision-making and program design. Furthermore, we continually develop targeted and innovative social justice initiatives and cultivate culturally responsive interventions to promote equity and empowerment in underserved communities.

Racial Equity Action Plan

Explore RiseBoro’s Racial Equity Plan by clicking the link below. Crafted in 2020, this plan solidifies our organization’s dedication to racial equity through actionable goals across 10 categories, including “Organizational Commitment & Culture,” “Governance & Operations,” “Community Engagement,” and “Partnerships.” Delve into the document to learn more about RiseBoro’s initiatives for advancing racial equity.


Racial Equity Working Group

As a vital component of our Racial Equity Action Plan, we prioritize inclusivity by establishing the Racial Equity Working Group. Composed of 12 members representing all five divisions and infrastructure within RiseBoro, this group fosters discussions on ongoing racial equity initiatives and provides valuable feedback and suggestions for further enhancement.

RiseBoro’s Equity Statement

As mandated by our board, RiseBoro pledges to uphold equity across our organization, encompassing both the individuals we serve and the dedicated employees who contribute to our mission.


Community Advisory Committee

As we strive to become a more equitable organization, we prioritize community input. Explore RiseBoro’s Community Advisory Board through the link below. Comprising community leaders, this board provides valuable input, suggestions, and feedback to inform decision-making processes at RB.

Community Advisory Committee link 

News & Events

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