Pavel Madray

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Pavel Madray is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at RiseBoro Community Partnership, a holistic multiservice non-profit organization located in Brooklyn, NY. In this role, Pavel oversees the organization’s strategic initiatives and provides guidance on fundraising and development, special projects, community engagement, and opportunities for social enterprise and innovation. His work includes enhancing cross-organizational cohesion and promoting innovation while strengthening relationships in new and existing communities and maintaining and expanding funding sources. Since 2017, Pavel’s work in this role has led to the creation of programming borne from a recognized need within the communities served by RiseBoro, establishing 8 unique programs, all with a focus on health and food justice, and a combined annual budget of over 2.5 million dollars.

Before taking on his current role, Pavel worked for RiseBoro’s Empowerment Division as the Director of Strategy and Staff Development. In this capacity, he provided contractual compliance and oversight of several social service programs focused on homelessness prevention, workforce development, mentorship, rehousing, benefits enrollment, and community support. Additionally, he established the framework for professional development within the division and led Empowerment’s strategic efforts into new program areas. In his time at RiseBoro Empowerment, the division added four new programs, grew from 3 sites to 6 sites throughout Bushwick and Brownsville, and saw its annual budget double to 10 million dollars.

Pavel has worked to encourage opportunities for social entrepreneurship and innovation within RiseBoro and is currently leading RiseBoro’s strategic vision for social service provision that proactively addresses the social determinants of health and is responsive to shifting community needs.